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Piezo PVDF Sensors, Customized Sensors

Customized PVDF Sensors with gold electrode, ITO, copper/nickle, screen printed silver electrode. Lable printing, UV cured coating, die cutting, attach electrical wires...

We help our customers to design and produce special sensors with quanties from <10 to >10,000. Many times our customers only need 100-200 sensors that can not be produced in a lab one by one, we can help them use screen printing process to produce such sensors in scalable manufacturing process with reproducible performance, using our piezo PVDF film. We have short lead time from 2 weeks to 5 weeks and we can add water-proof coating, print logo, lamination, die cutting, laser cutting, attach connection wires. We also have the capability to manufacture piezo PVDF sensors with quantity over 10,000 at competitive cost.

Note: the effective area (capacitance) can be changed by simply cutting it with scissors to make it smaller. After cutting, please use IPA or acetone to clean the cutting edges and make sure there is no electrical short circuit between top and bottom electrode.