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High Dielectric Constant Polymer Film

Polymer film made with PVDF homopolymer, PVDF-HFP, PVDF-CTFE, PTFE-HFP-VDF, PVDF-TrFE-CTFE, PVDF-TrFE-CFE. They have high dielectric constant from 10 to >50 (pure polymer without any fillers) and high dielectric breakdown strength (500-800 MV/m). They can be used in high energy density film capacitors, actuators, and other applications. They can also be used in soft robotics.

Most of the film are uniaxially or biaxially oriented with high dielectric breakdown strength and uniform thickness. They are sold either in 200 mm x 250 mm paper size for R&D or in small rolls >100 m.

The PVDF film can be either in alpha phase or in beta phase (no poling).


Ultrathin Film with high dielectric constant: Energy Storage Capacitors, Piezo Sensors, Transducers, Soft Actuators, Electrocaloric Cooling, Hydrophone, etc.


Global Leader in Piezo & Pyro PVDF & PVDF-TrFE Technologies


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Film that PolyK have in stock (in rolls):
1. Biaxially oriented PVDF film: 8 um, 12 um, 17 um, 23 um thick (K around 12)
2. Uniaxially Oriented PVDF film: 7 um, 12 um, 18 um and up to 120 um thick (K~12)
3. Piezo PVDF film: 7 um and above (K ~13)
4. Biaxially oriented PVDF-HFP film: 2 um, 3 um, 4 um, 5 um, 6 um, 10 um (K ~10)
5. PVDF-TrFE copolymer film: solvent cast down to 3 um (on carrier film). Uniaxially oriented: 8 um thick (K ~8)
6. PVDF-TrFE-CTFE /-CFE film: uniaxially oriented 3 um. On carrier film 3 um thick. Up to 30 um thick. (K = 20-50)