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High Temperature Polymer

 We are experts in polymer materials for high temperature and high voltage applications. We have a collection of many high temperature polymer resin and film with excellent high voltage performance. We provide small quantity of hard-to-find polymer resins to support research and development in relevant technologies.

Example high temperature polymers that are soluble in common organic solvents and do NOT require imidization or cure:

Polycarbonate with glass transition (Tg) of 200 C

Polyetherimide with Tg of 265 C

Fluorene polyester with Tg of 330 C

Soluble polyimide Matrimid 5218 with Tg of 330 C

Potential applications:

1. film capacitors

2. dielectric layer

3. substrate for flexible electronics, wearable electronics, printed electronics.

4. gas separation

5. optical film