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Berlincourt Piezo d33 Meter

Low Cost Berlincourt quasi static piezoelectric d33 meter to measure the piezoelectric constant coefficient of piezoelectric ceramic, AlN, aluminum nitride, and polymer PVDF PVDF-TrFE, PLLA, electret, etc. We also provide d31 and d15 adapters, miniature temperature chambers up to 900 C for d33 measurement.

A static force sensor can be added to the d33 meter so the operators can precisely control the static force applied on the test sample and the measured results will be more accurate, consistent, and reproducible.

Located in State College, PA, USA (Penn State University), we not only provide high quality d33 meter, we also provide dependable customer service, with training and advice to customers' special materials. All products also come with one year warranty. We accept purchase order from major universities with net 30 terms.


Used by leading scientists in the world:

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