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Electrostatic Film High-K

Ultrathin Dielectric Film with high dielectric constant can generate high electrostatic force under electric field. They can be used as electrostatic brake, electrostatic chuck, etc.

For electrostatic actuators, electrostatic adhesive, electrostatic brake, electrostatic haptics, electrostatic chuck, etc. As the electrostatic force is proportional to the dielectric constant, and reversly proportional to the square of the thickness, this film can generte quite high electrostatic force even at low electric voltage.

For example, for 2 um thick film, at 200 V (100 V/um), the electrostatic force can be 89 N (9 kg) per square cm.

The biaxial orientation significantly improved the dielectric breakdown strength (energy density) and reduced the leakage current and energy loss.

We support research and development by providing customized dielectric film that are free standing and with different electrodes.

1. Biaxially oriented PVDF-HFP film with K of 10, thickness of 2 um and 3 um

2. Biaxially oriented PET film, thickness of 0.9 um, 1.4 um, and 2 um, K of 3.3

3. PVDF-TrFE-CTFE film with thickness of 3 um