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PVDF Homopolymers, Copolymers, and Terpolymers for High Voltage Dielectric and Piezoelectric Applications.

Oct 29th 2019


  1. Fluoropolymers that contain VDF (vinylidene difluoride) monomer are usually have dielectric constant, even the content is less than 50 wt%.
  2. There are over fifty different grades of VDF-containing commercial polymers and the manufacturers usually use a name code as the grade number. It is very difficult to understand what is the exact composition (even what kinds of copolymer chemistry).
  3. In addition, most of them provide the melt flow index (MFI) and not the molecular weight by GPC.
  4. 4.During the past 14 years, we have collected many commercial PVDF-based copolymers to evaluate their dielectric and ferroelectric behavior.
  5. We have also produced films by either melt extrusion or solvent casting, with or without orientation.
  6. New less-known fluoropolymers are also studied.

For PVDF homopolymers:

  • Very high molecular weight such as 5130, 6020 and Kynar Flex HSV900: as binder for lithium ion batteries.
  • Medium high Mw for film extrusion and molding such as 1010 or Kynar 740
  • Medium low Mw for injection molding and extrusion, such as 1008, 6008, 9009, or Kynar 720
  • Very low molecular weight for multi filament extrusion, electrospinning, such as 1006 or Kynar 706
  • Mw affect the crystallinity and ductility
  • Polymerization process (temperature, emulsion or suspension) determines the side chain branch and other chain defects, therefore determines the crystallinity and melting temperature. It is hard to know this as every resin producer claims they have the best PVDF resin.

Contact us if you need to purchase a small quantity of any PVDF homopolymers, copolymers, or terpolymers, you will be surprised to learn what we can offer.


Polymer Kit:

Various PVDF polymer resins for sale in R&D package. Pay by secure Paypal checkout. Only ship to Paypal confirmed address.

Polymer kit for R&D in capacitor, piezoelectric, pyroelectric, electrocaloric ECE, & electroactive polymer EAP. Include 20 grams of each of 10 typical polymer resins based on PVDF Polyvinylidenefluoride

Polyvinylidene fluoride homopolymers, copolymers and terpolymers with eight different compositions for R&D in ferroelectric, electroactive polymer EAP, piezoelectric, pyroelectric, dielectric, capacitors, sensors, energy harvesting, electrocaloric cooling, ferroelectric memory, EAP actuator for research.

Package of eight composition with 20 g each.

  1. PVDF homopolymer (medium MFI, Extrusion grade, 1010)
  2. P(VDF-HFP) copolymer, 90/10 (wt)
  3. P(VDF-HFP) copolymer, 85/15 (wt)
  4. P(VDF-HFP) copolymer, ~88/12 (wt)
  5. P(VDF-CTFE) copolymer, 90/10 (wt)
  6. P(VDF-CTFE) copolymer, 85/15 (wt)
  7. P(VDF-CTFE) copolymer, 80/20 (wt)
  8. P(TFE-HFP-VDF), 76/13/11 (mol), Tm = 225°C; Tc = 206°C. K =4.5, tan= 0.5%
  9. P(TFE-HFP-VDF), 67.5/17.5/15 (mol), Tm = 190°C; Tc = 172°C. K = 7.0, tan=1.2%
  10. P(TFE-HFP-VDF), 2030, Tm = 130°C; Modulus 32 Mpa, Elongation at Break: 560%