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Piezo PVDF with Electrode

Video instructions on removing electrode from piezo film to produce your own sensors, actuators, speakers, transducers: 

Piezo PVDF film with electrode:

1. Sputtered Cu/Ni (80nm): PVDF film thickness: 28 um, 45-50 um, 110 um. Copper can be etched by FeCl3.

2. Screen printed silver ink (5-8 um thick): PVDF film thickness: 28 um, 45 um, 100 um, 120 um. Silver ink can be wiped by acetone or even alcohol

3. Sputtered aluminum (50 nm or 100 nm), PVDF 17 um, 28 um, 45 um, 100 um. Aluminum can be etched by NaOH, KOH, HCl

4. Sputtered ITO electrodes (optically transparent): PVDF thickness 28 um (ITO 300 ohm); 50 um (ITO 200 ohm), 75 um (150 ohm), and 100 um (ITO 150 ohm). ITO can be etched by HCl.

5. Sputtered gold (100 nm thick), gold can be etched by “Antistrumin, Potassium monoiodide” [Google “gold etchant”]