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Piezo PVDF Film

We provide piezo PVDF film with high d33 and d31 from paper size to >200 m long rolls. They can be used to produce piezo sensor, mechanical energy harvesting devices, electroactive polymer actuators, loudspeakers, ultrasound transducers.

Thickness available: 3 um to >500 um.

Gold electrode or silver electrodes can be applied on the piezo film based on customer requirement.

We provide piezoelectric PVDF film with different sizes:

1. 200 mm x 270 mm for university research

2. 10 m x 350 m small roll with corona treatment for companies to develop piezo sensor prototypes

3. 100 m x 350 m roll or 200 m x 350 m roll for companies to produce piezo sensor products.


  • Typical thickness: 40 um, 55 um, 80 um, 100 um, 120 um, 200 um, 500 um, 25 um, 18 um, 12 um, 9 um, 3 um [In stock]. In-house roll-to-roll production in the USA, quick delivery and high quality.
  • d33 value measured by piezo d33 meter with 3N static force and 0.25N dynamic force: thinner film usually exhibits lower d33 value than thicker due to the measurement assumption, even though they have similar actual d33 values.
  • Over 90% piezo film applications are operated in the d31 mode (piezo film is bended or extended in length direction, particularly when laminated with other soft polymer film). D31 mode provides much higher sensitivity than d33 mode. Therefore, it is important to use monoaxial (uniaxial) oriented piezo PVDF film.
  • Thermal shrinkage and operation temperature can be improved upon request.
  • Sensor fabrication service based on customer’s design: Cr/Au sputtering, silver ink screen printing, wire attachment, lamination, UV curing, resolution down to 100 um.
  • Also provide piezo film based on PVDF-TrFE copolymer (solvent cast, uniaxially oriented).
  • Piezo and pyro test instruments: d33 meter, d31 measurement service, polarization loop measurement, dielectric constant vs temperature and frequency, resonance frequency by Agilent 4294A Impedance Analyzer.


Videos of our piezo film in 100 m long roll: 

We offer short lead time. Most of piezo film and sensors are in stock and ship within three days.

Datasheet of our Piezo PVDF film: