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High Dielectric Constant Polymers

We are a leading technology company in developing high energy density capacitors using high dielectric constant polymers. We provide several polymer resins with high dielectric constant and high dielectric breakdown strength to achieve high energy density.

We have invested over $10 million US dollars in developing high energy density, high power density, and high temperature capacitors during the past 15 years.

This includes various PVDF and its copolymers, terpolymers, and high dielectric constant cellulose, silicones, and other polymers.

Our high dielectric constant polymers are pure polymers without any filler so you can achieve high dielectric breakdown strength. You can formulate it with your own high dielectric constant fillers.


Ultrathin Film with high dielectric constant: Energy Storage Capacitors, Piezo Sensors, Transducers, Soft Actuators, Electrocaloric Cooling, Hydrophone, etc.

Global Leader in Piezo & Pyro PVDF & PVDF-TrFE Technologies

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Film that PolyK have in stock (in rolls):
1. Biaxially oriented PVDF film: 8 um, 12 um, 17 um, 23 um thick (K around 12)
2. Uniaxially Oriented PVDF film: 7 um, 12 um, 18 um and up to 120 um thick (K~12)
3. Piezo PVDF film: 7 um and above (K ~13)
4. Biaxially oriented PVDF-HFP film: 2 um, 3 um, 4 um, 5 um, 6 um, 10 um (K ~10)
5. PVDF-TrFE copolymer film: solvent cast down to 3 um (on carrier film). Uniaxially oriented: 8 um thick (K ~8)
6. PVDF-TrFE-CTFE /-CFE film: uniaxially oriented 3 um. On carrier film 3 um thick. Up to 30 um thick. (K = 20-50)